A New 7-Sentence NPC

CM Cline in Dragon Magazine 184 (August 1992) presented The 7-Sentence NPC. Back then most of my NPCs either got a full page biography or a stat block. Over time I found moving to the middle ground the 7-Sentence NPC represents a handy tool. They have the advantage of being quick to read as a […]

Cardboard Buildings

Simple cardboard buildings for Miniature Gaming, Role Players and Wargamers

Miniature Posters

Authentic period posters scaled to fit on to sheets of mini address labels suitable for use by Wargamers and Miniature Gamers.

Tabletop Games

The games you can find here are an odd mixed bag of rules for tabletop games I’ve collected over several years. These are write ups of traditional games. This isn’t a systematic collection more a junk shop miscellany of games I’ve come to have the rules for written out in electronic form already. Over time […]

Under Stairs Over Stairs

A free table top role playing game (RPG) of Edwardian life that fits onto just two sides of paper. At Home with the Gordons A supplement for Under Stairs Over Stairs describing the architecture and folk of a grand house on the outskirts of London.

Open the Door

A light hearted look at how characters go through doors in different role playing games. Originally part of an article in issue 25 of Valkyrie

Other People’s Games

I’ve written unofficial material for other people’s games and you can find some of it here.

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