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Welcome to impworks, my personal web site. Here you can find some of my pictures, role playing games, wargames, articles and other writing. There are python scripts and tutorials for users of e-on software’s Vue which I make most of my pictures in. In the words sections you’ll find articles I’ve written for the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers’ Journal Ragnarok, the role playing magazine Valkyrie and short stories for Astonishing Adventures Magazine. If you want to know more about me or wonder why this site is called impworks and not Mark Caldwell’s website the About section is the place to look. I’m a websites developer and in websites you can find a few of the websites I’ve worked on.

Latest from my blog

A few London Exhibitions

July 13, 2014

Took a weekend trip to London. Here's a quick round up of the exhibitions I went to. All the exhibitions have an entrance fee except where I've said it's free. Useful + Beautiful At the Geffrye Museum - a small, single room exhibition including some...

Almost Wordless Wednesday 32

June 4, 2014

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Vue Python: Working with the Camera Settings

First we need to get the camera object. Here is a quick example of selecting a camera called Main camera. Then we use ToCamera to get the VUECamera Class object so we can manipulate the camera specific settings. Once we have a VUECamera Class object...

Serpentine Pavilion 2013

Where the 2012 Pavillion went underground, keeping a low profile, and the 2011 Pavillion was a black block on the outside the 2013 is above ground, light and quite tall.  In some ways it reminds me of early vector computer graphics.  

Serpentine Pavilion 2012